Protection Design and Program Development

Black Site International is singularly equipped to design physical security protection programs that protect critical assets across a broad spectrum of private and public sectors.

We specialize in developing comprehensive security protection programs that establish a robust protection capability to defend against your “Design Basis Threat (DBT)”.  Below is an illustration of our services and capabilities for developing programs:


Physical Security Design

  • Identify critical structures, systems, and components that require protection from hostile and violent attack
  • Assessment and detection technologies
  • Access control systems
  • Vehicle barrier systems (active and passive)
  • Blast and ballistic analysis and design solutions
  • Centralized alarm stations aka fusion centers


Protective Strategy and Response Force Responsibilities

  • Red Team simulated attack evaluations
  • Tabletop exercises (internal and joint training)
  • Integration with external emergency response organizations
  • Critique program


  • Security plans and operating procedures
  • Security contingency plan and response procedures
  • Security training plan
  • Access authorization program
  • Insider Threat/Behavior Observation Program