Securing our Schools

We work one-on-one with educational leaders providing support in developing and managing key elements for protection programs, designs, and  protective strategies that reduce vulnerabilities and consequences from today’s phenomena of targeted violence .

The complexity of creating, implementing, and managing solutions that address targeted violence at our schools is truly challenging.  The variety of issues that contribute to enabling these acts such as: vulnerabilities with building designs, lack of training, lack of programs that promote the reporting of potential threats and aberrant behaviors, bullying of students, etc.  Moreover, the ability to create a comprehensive and robust school security programs with limited resources exacerbates the ability to establish an effective program.

We partner with educational leaders to support their goals and utilize a methodology that optimizes the resources available through innovative concepts and force multipliers.  The insanity of these events has had a tremendous affect on all of us, and demands immediate and continuous  action to stop future events.  These programs must be regarded as a core program for the school district and respected for its purpose. BSI personnel understand the significance of the culture that exists and what it takes to shift that culture to embrace security and its standards that must be reinforced to ensure the protection assumptions are not compromised.

The emotional reaction from each tragic occurrence results in tremendous pressure to implement change immediately, but this is not the position a school district wants to find itself.  These emotional reactions will likely result in changes that are ineffective and unsustainable for effecting the an improved physical protection capability.  We have witnessed this personally throughout our careers and seen the negative results and frustration with implementing change for the sake of implementing change.  Our process facilitates solutions that are based on a thorough review and vetting process for each key element necessary to establish and support the purpose of the program.  We also integrate solutions that are adaptive to changes in the types of threats, tactics, and techniques that will continue to evolve.  Ultimately, our objective is to ensure our clients are completely confident with their program capabilities and personal competencies for responding to these events.