Securing our Schools

We work one-on-one with educational leaders providing the expertise in developing wide-ranging programs and strategies that address the complex and complicated phenomena of targeted violence.

Creating, implementing, and managing solutions that truly address the ability to mitigate and prevent acts of targeted violence in our schools is challenging.  Overcoming issues related to the physical building designs, material condition of the infrastructure, limitations on personnel and financial resources, changing the culture of the organization, etc. can exacerbate the ability to establish a comprehensive and effective program.

We are experts, with decades of experience, at successfully addressing these types of challenges.  Our clients benefit from our firsthand experiences and knowledge of the processes required for identifying the threat(s) and then creating the primary and support programs and processes designed specifically to address the capability for defending against the internal and external threats.  The insanity of these events takes an emotional toll on our society and demands action to prevent future incidents.  At BSI, we partner with our schools developing the “right” comprehensive packages that ensure a holistic approach for addressing the purpose of security.