Program Development & Protective Strategy Design

Black Site International is singularly equipped to properly assess and create the key elements of a comprehensive security protection program.  We know the standards that are needed for establishing credible and effective programs that are responsible for protecting the client’s critical assets, and for the protection of the public’s health and safety.  We are recognized leaders for building successful and effective protection programs for all types of regulated, non-regulated, government, and high-risk programs.     

We specialize in developing comprehensive security protection programs that establish a robust protection capability to defend against your “Design Basis Threat (DBT)”.  Below is an illustration of our services and capabilities for developing programs:


Key Elements

  • Security plans and operating procedures
  • Security contingency plan and response procedures
  • Security training plan
  • Insider Threat/Behavior Observation Program
  • Continuous Improvement Program


Physical Security Design

  • Identification of critical assets (structures, systems, and components) to be protected
  • Establish a design basis threat (DBT) that is basis for building security design
  • Identification of optimal product solutions (physical and technology systems)
  • Blast and ballistic analysis and solutions that reduce vulnerabilities and consequences
  • Establish situational awareness capability/integration of systems for centralized monitoring

Protective Strategy

  • Create capability that reduces risk and consequence
  • Perform Red Team “simulated attack” evaluations to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses
  • Conduct Tabletop exercises
  • Integration Plan and Training with external emergency response organizations (ERO)
  • Critique and Corrective Action Program