Securing our Schools

We work one-on-one with our school district clients developing wide-ranging operational and training programs, and credible protective strategies that address the evolving threat environment.  The school security protection program will likely be one of the most complicated and complex programs within a school district.  Black Site International, LLC truly understands, and possesses the extensive expertise, for addressing the diversity of threats and implementing the right comprehensive protection programs.

We appreciate the challenge of creating, implementing, and “managing” comprehensive protection programs for today’s primary and secondary campuses. Too often, we are made aware of the difficulties schools face with allocating funding and staffing resources to their security program  such as: lack of budget funds, lack of access to government grants, community’s reluctance to implement security modifications that make their school appear like “prisons”, etc.  BSI collaborates and communicates with all stakeholders to learn of the concerns, and ultimately, facilitates a collegial team that works together, aligned with the project objectives to establish a safe and secure environment.

We possess unique first-hand experiences as successful “change agents” renowned for restructuring entire programs to successfully defend against tremendous changes to the types of adversary, characteristics, and tactics.  We understand the difficulties in changing the culture of an organization, procedures, policies, training, standards of performance, etc. Not only have we turned those programs around, but they were subsequently recognized as national “benchmarks” of excellence and best practices.

Taking on a school security program is never easy and recommendations are never “linear” in concept (e.g. cameras, training idea).  Rather, these programs must integrate principles and fundamentals in addition to the physical designs, protective strategies, procedures, training, etc.  Protecting our schools is as essential to our national security as other sectors within the U.S. Critical Infrastructure.

Make no mistake, creating robust and credible protection programs for our schools will require a comprehensive approach, utilizing a diversity of expertise.  The State of Pennsylvania’s School Safety and Security Committee has approved Black Site International, LLC as a State Security Assessor for conducting security assessments for any school in the state of Pennsylvania.  BSI uses a “team of teams” approach to ensure our clients receive optimal capabilities and diversity of expertise creating and implementing the wide-ranging types of programs.

BSI currently works with clients from the school sector, building effective, robust, and adaptive protection programs. More importantly, the “partnership” we have created between the schools, community, and emergency response organizations has resulted in the creation of tremendous programs that are being recognized as standards and best practices.