Securing our Schools

We work one-on-one with educational leaders providing the expertise in developing wide-ranging programs and strategies that address the complex and complicated phenomena of targeted violence.

We appreciate the challenge of creating, implementing, designing, and “managing” comprehensive protection programs for today’s primary and secondary campuses. Too often, we find a variety of reasons for not implementing effective protection programs i.e. lack of funding, an embedded culture not accepting of change, a desire to keep schools from looking like “prisons”, etc.  BSI understand how to navigate through these challenges, but we also recognize that it takes a “mutual” dedication to achieve the results desired.  Our responsibility to the client is to forge a partnership with all key stakeholders to ensure a path that successfully reduces and mitigate acts of violence in the schools.

We are the recognized experts who possess unique first-hand leadership experiences as “change agents” renowned for successfully turning around chaotic and disorganized security programs to perform and defend against today’s threat environment. Not only have we turned those programs around (performance, operations, and culture), but those programs were regarded as the national “benchmark” and our processes considered industry best practices.

Taking on a school security program is never easy and should never be considered “linear” in design (e.g. cameras and access control only).  Rather, these programs are complex and complicated and must implement the types of principles and fundamentals that are proven protection standards for protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure.  Protecting our schools is essential to our national security and should be given the level of attention that we provide other critical infrastructure sectors.

Make no mistake, creating robust and credible protection programs for our schools will require a comprehensive approach, utilizing a diversity of expertise.  BSI uses a “team of teams” approach to ensure our clients receive optimal capabilities and diversity of expertise creating and implementing the wide-ranging types of programs.  As the phenomena of targeted violence and other types of threats evolve in our school environments, the public must remain diligent and honest with the reality of the dangers our schools face.  BSI continues to work with our school clients building effective, robust, and adaptive programs. More importantly, the “partnership” we have has provided the absolute confidence in our commitment to the safety and protection of our schools.