Securing our Schools

We work one-on-one with our school clients developing wide-ranging operational, training, and “credible” protection programs for today’s evolving threat environment.  The school security protection program is one of the most important, complicated, and complex programs of the organization and must be regarded as core business.

BSI consultants possess the unique first-hand experiences working in the educational sector, restructuring school security programs to defend against the diversity of threats schools face today.  We understand these challenges and what it takes to build and implement the “right” type of protection program.  These programs must be well-defined and effectively implemented to achieve the objective.

Taking on a school security program is never easy and the solutions required to correct program vulnerabilities are rarely “easy or simple”.   Make no mistake, creating robust and credible protection programs for our schools requires a comprehensive approach that tackles the complexity of integrating the numerous program elements. BSI has established the standards and protective strategies that our schools need and deserve.

The State of Pennsylvania’s School Safety and Security Committee has approved Black Site International, LLC as a State Security Assessor for conducting security assessments for any school in the state of Pennsylvania.